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among our services we carry out processes without excavation and inspection by video camera.

We clean all kinds of clean or black water lines and conduits. Both residential and industrial pipes. Which allows speed in the flow, unblocking by obstruction or accumulation. 

pipe cleaning

From small diameter conveying lines and condenser tube bundles to large diameter waste drains and slurry pipelines, Our industrial pipe cleaning service removes build-up and blockages that reduce flow and decrease productivity.

manhole survey

Manhole surveys are often required when drainage system records are poor or non-existent, for use on ‘Critical’ sewers to address specific issues or as infill data on networks lacking detail.

manhole rehab


We use cementitious and geopolymer mortar liners that will restore the structural integrity and provide resistance to corrosion and infiltrations in brick, corrugated metal pipe culverts, concrete and fiberglass manholes.

Manhole Rehab

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cctv inspection


We specialize in cleaning and video inspection of sanitary and storm sewer pipes.

CCTV inspection

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smoke testing

Smoke testing identifies problems in all of the connected lines even in sections that were not known to exist. Although video inspection and other techniques are proven to be useful, there are times when research has shown that more than half of all stormwater actually flows in from somewhere other than the main line.

Smoke Testing

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